Monastery Agia Triada

Agia Triad-Akrotiri Peninsula

The monastery of Agia Triada  was built  in 1612 by two brothers of the Venetian Zangaroli family who had converted to the orthodox faith and who had become monks.

The church itself is of Byzantium  cruciform architecture with three domes and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity (Agia Triada). In past years it was believed to be a very rich monastery due to the support of its own workforce and grew to be a center of resistance against Turkish occupation. Sadly it was destroyed by the Turks 1821.

It lay desecrated for many years, but again due   to the work of nearby monks, it was lovingly restored and continued helping the struggle against occupation  by building and educating the local people. Indeed ,the library there holds 700 volumes of old and rare books and it house icons by the Byzantine painter, Skordili. The impressive bell tower was added later 1864.

It is still a working monastery today and the monks that live there farm the vineyards and olives and the wine is sold in the Chania indoor market.


How to get to Monastery Agia Triada from Chania, Pension Nora