Imbros Gorge

This is a walk along an old track, in former times the main access route from the mountains to the coast. The gorge is about 8km in length and takes  between 2-3 hours each way. You now pay admission  and there is a small refuge roughly half way down where you can buy water and soft drinks and you use a primitive toilet. Note that this is not always open and you should carry refreshments in case. You will also require sturdy  footwear, as the path is rough in places and there are sections of loose stone.

The starting point for a descent of the gorge in the village of Imbros. There are several paths that lead to the clearly visible track. You will find ample shade along the way and in spring, a profusion of wild flowers. You will also see caves and distinctive rocks strata, and in place the sides of the ravine close in to little more that a few meters in width.

The track emerges from the gorge to the village of Kommitades, Where there are numbers of tavernas and cafe’s. It is 5km to Hora Sfakion along a main road, a walk especially not recommended in severe heat. If you wish to return to the village of imbros it is usually possible to ask for a taxi at one of the tavernas  in Kommitades. The adventurous can almost certainly hitch a lift without too much difficulty.

If you wish to walk the gorge both ways, park your car on the hard shoulder of the road where the ravine bottoms out, and  allow the best part of the day. Whether you  walk one or both ways, we recommend an early start.

There are local bus from Chania to Hora Sfakion and back but please check the hours that they leave the in advance as they may run at unfavourable times for you either very early close to midday.

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